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Asutsuku May sale finally appeared brembo Corsa Corta radial clutch master 16RCS 16x16-18 110.C740.50 Brembo Corsa Corta DUCATI 110C74050

Asutsuku May sale finally appeared brembo Corsa Corta radial clutch master 16RCS 16x16-18 110.C740.50 Brembo Corsa Corta DUCATI 110C74050

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Italian Brembo Genuine Guarantee.

If [In stock] or [Tomorrow] is displayed, orders placed by 4:00 pm on weekdays can be shipped the same day. Inventory fluctuates at any time.

・Made in Italy 5-axis CAM technology for aluminum forging and hard anodized surface treatment
・Piston diameter: 16mm
・Lever ratio: 16/18mm variable
・Overhaul available
·made in Italy. Comes with a QR code to prove brembo authenticity.
・Microswitch is not included.

*From April 2021, the anti-counterfeiting card that was previously included will be discontinued, and from now on, the small QR code affixed to the product can be registered with the "Brembo Check" app as proof of authenticity. Please note that we are currently mixed.

Please be assured that all DUCATISM products have been recalled. (All CorsaCorta sold so far are countermeasures)

It is a radial pump clutch master of φ16 which is indispensable for customizing DUCATI. Forged aluminum body.

Brembo revolutionizes the radial master cylinder with the introduction of the new radial master cylinder 16RCS CORSA CORTA. This new radial master brake cylinder adopts the innovative technology used in the master cylinders used in MotoGP. The master cylinder housing is machined from forged aluminum.

The surface treatment with carbide oxidation was chosen for its excellent wear resistance and low friction between moving parts. The floating piston and gasket are the same parts used in MotoGP. The joints used in the brake system are also the same. The joint part is angled at 30° so that the fluid in the master cylinder flows smoothly.

In developing the new radial master cylinder CORSA CORTA, a design project was also carried out as part of the development project in order to keep all the parts used in the master cylinder consistent. As a result, the new radial master cylinder CORSA CORTA has a distinctly dynamic and sporty look. This perfectly matches the visual identity of the vehicle that will be fitted with this radial master cylinder.

The lever assembly can be replaced without removing the RCS system from the master cylinder. Therefore, it can be exchanged without changing the setting of the master cylinder assembly in the Brembo Racing workshop.

Innovative DNA
The Brembo radial master cylinder has been a revolutionary braking system for the last 20 years. Originally born for racing use, over the years it has become a sought-after solution for supersport and naked bikes. Despite its product appearance, the radial master cylinder remains a thoroughbred racing solution and is still used in MotoGP.

[Product number] 110.C740.10
[Color] Body: Anodized / Lever: Black [Material] Aluminum [Weight] 400 (g)

[Specifications] Retractable lever/18/20mm variable lever ratio The invalid stroke can be adjusted to 3 stages (N (neutral), S (sport), R (race)).
[Piston diameter] φ19 (mm)
[Remarks] Repair parts (half lever part number: 110.C740.98), (lever (complete) part number: 110.C740.99),
(Bleed part number: 105.3246.11)
[Tank [Yes/No]] No [Switch [Yes/No]] Included Only overhaul is supported.

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