Refund policy

Please understand that we are unable to accept returns due to the customer's personal circumstances. (Please ensure you thoroughly review the product specifications before placing your order.) We conduct quality control checks prior to delivery, but as these are imported products, there may be damage, dirt, rust, etc., due to manufacturing processes or during transportation. Depending on the model, year, and individual differences between the vehicle and parts, some fitting vehicles may also require modifications. We ask for your understanding in advance.

If the reason for the return is either 1 or 2 below, please send the item back.

■ For the cases below, we accept returns if you contact us within 7 days of receiving the item.  1. If the item received is different from the one ordered  2. If the item is faulty or damaged

If the product has been used (including cases where signs of use are recognized), it cannot be returned. If 8 or more days have passed since the product's arrival, we cannot accept returns, regardless of the reason.

■ If you wish to return an item, please make sure to contact our store in advance.

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■ About your obligations when returning items

If the return or exchange is due to the customer's personal circumstances, the customer will be responsible for shipping fees and a predetermined return handling charge. Please note this in advance. Refunds will be made to the designated bank account on the next business day after we confirm the arrival of the product.