Terms of service

※【Important】 Notice concerning the installation of racing parts and other products sold by DUCATISM【Important】※ In installing any of the parts handled by DUCATISM, even minor errors during installation could potentially lead to serious accidents, including fatal ones. We cannot bear any responsibility for accidents related to products installed by the customers themselves, so please understand. To ensure all our customers enjoy their bike life safely, DUCATISM encourages all parts to be installed by professional shops. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

●If you order by bank transfer, we ask that you complete the transfer within 5 business days of your order. We are offering limited quantities and post items after confirming stock. However, depending on the timing of your order, cases might arise where the product can only be secured after receiving your post-order transfer. There might be sudden changes in stock due to transactions outside this website's sales, and occasionally, the product might not be immediately available. In such cases, we will ship immediately upon restocking, and if delivery is expected to take some time, we will ensure a refund to a bank account in the customer's name. We ask for your understanding on these matters when placing your order.

●As these are primarily parts for racing, if you use them on public roads, please do so under your own responsibility, ensuring they comply with the safety standards of the country where they are used.

●Concerning safety standards in various countries We ask that you comply with the safety standards of the country or region where you use the product, at your own responsibility. In Japan, for vehicles manufactured after April 1, 2010, aftermarket silencers other than genuine parts need to be products that comply with the acceleration noise test. Products indicated as compliant with EURO regulations, EURO approved, EURO certified, have the e-mark and certification number engraved, and are recognized as products that comply with the acceleration noise test. At vehicle inspection sites, only the proximate exhaust noise test will be conducted if installed on a vehicle that conforms to the product. (Vehicles that require a catalytic converter must have one installed.) For more information, please contact the inspection factory or the transportation bureau that has jurisdiction over you. ※For products that do not comply with EURO regulations, they cannot be used on public roads.

Even at the circuits where you use the products, there are courses that have defined noise regulations, so please use a silencer that complies with the standards.

●We have absolute confidence in our sale prices. If there is a shop that offers a cheaper price than our listed price, please let us know the name of the shop, URL, and telephone number. If possible, we may be able to discount the price after confirming.

●If you have any advice, requests, or opinions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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