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DUCATI Performance

WRS DUCATI DesertX Headlight Protection Lens DU027T DesertX Ducati

WRS DUCATI DesertX Headlight Protection Lens DU027T DesertX Ducati

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Headlight protector lenses made by WRS are lightweight, flexible, and highly resistant to impacts such as gravel while driving, and continue to protect your headlights.
The edge of the lens is engraved with a transparent WRS using a laser, ensuring a stylish design without blocking the light.
It is designed specifically for the vehicle model, and comes with the necessary brackets for installation, and can be easily removed and replaced by bolt-on.


Secure using genuine bolts.
Please refrain from using it on public roads as it may affect the optical axis and light intensity.

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DESERTX 2022-2023-2024
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