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DUCATI Z48T Dry Clutch Disc kit STM DUCATI ADU-0030 STM Genuine

DUCATI Z48T Dry Clutch Disc kit STM DUCATI ADU-0030 STM Genuine

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Made in Italy.

48T clutch disc for DUCATI STM 48T dry clutch set and STM 48T outer basket.
Not compatible with genuine clutch units, genuine clutch outer baskets, EVRs, or other manufacturers.

STM dry clutch plate set Z48 36.5mm
Code: ADU-0030
9 sintered discs + 9 steel discs
Set thickness: 36.5mm

Sintered metal system for high engine power output.
It has a transmission capacity that cannot be compared to organic clutch discs that are often used in STD vehicles for cost-oriented reasons.
The steel disc is made of special steel developed for Ducati dry type clutches.
Compared to the STD 12Teeth, the 48Teeth has four times the contact area between the clutch basket and clutch disc, which distributes the load on the basket and disc.
This provides smooth disc movement, wear resistance, and dramatically improved quietness.
The feel is smoother than that of the Economy Kit, providing a high quality ride for many Ducati users, from racing use to street use. This smoothness protects not only the rider, but also your precious Ducati from excessive stress on the transmission, engine, and drivetrain.

STM Clutch Plate 48 teeth specifically designed for all STM dry clutches on each motorcycle model.
STM clutches are conceived to maximize the bike's performance and guarantee superior durability.

Why install an STM clutch?
- Prevents engine over-revving
- Avoids skipping of the rear wheel
- Allows climbing without using the clutch
- Allows controlled sliding of the rear wheel
- Manages the closing phase of the clutch when cornering (to avoid buckling)
- Thanks to the diaphragm spring, the release (start) of the lever is easier to manage.

STM is a versatile and dynamic company, entirely made in Italy, whose business objective is innovation and research in the motorcycle sector. The first prototypes of the slipper clutch were created in the 90's and thanks to them STM has been successful all over the world. the quality of STM products is concretely demonstrated by the two World Superbike Championships won with the DUCATI team. in 2003, the slipper clutch technology was introduced as In 2003, the slipper clutch technology was extended from dry clutches to oil bath clutches, which greatly expanded the range of its use.
Not only Ducati, but all Superbike teams need to collaborate with STM. This leads to the development of state-of-the-art components that combine reliability and precision in operation. Building on the excellent work done in Superbike, STM will extend its boundaries to the Motocross and Supermotard categories. This is why STM is today a racing art, thanks to the selection and support of the best materials on the market and its own specialized team, combining technical perfection with Italian aesthetics. in 2017 STM complied with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and obtained certification for its quality management system certification in accordance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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