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In stock in Japan Skyrich HJT12B-FP DUCATI Lithium-ion battery Skyrich genuine product YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS GT12B-4 GT14B-4 compatible Ducati

In stock in Japan Skyrich HJT12B-FP DUCATI Lithium-ion battery Skyrich genuine product YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS GT12B-4 GT14B-4 compatible Ducati

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We can only ship to Japan. We cannot ship by airmail or international mail. For Hokkaido and Okinawa, we will ship by sea, which will significantly delay delivery.

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Please rest assured that this is an authentic Italian DUCATI Performance product.

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Skyrich LiFePo4

HJT12B-FP Lithium-ion Battery Compatible with YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS, GT12B-4, GT14B-4

Skyrich is a company established in 2002 that focuses on the environmentally friendly new energy industry.
We pioneered the development of lithium batteries for motorcycles as an alternative to traditional lead batteries, and supply them to world-famous motorcycle manufacturers such as HONDA, KAWASAKI, DUCATI, and KTM.
With 113 intellectual property rights and 19 patents, the company has passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and GB/T 28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and is committed to the pursuit of technological innovation and quality.

Information of products
Ultra-lightweight! Approximately 1/3 the volume and weight of a lead battery, making it ideal for reducing weight.
Long battery life and maintenance-free! Compared to the cycle life of a typical lead battery, which is 250 to 300 times, this battery is economical with a cycle life of over 2000 times.
Also, one model is compatible with multiple lead acid battery models.
Higher ignition voltage improves the ignition efficiency of the vehicle's spark plugs, improving fuel efficiency by up to 6%!
The battery capacity indicator makes it easy to read the remaining capacity.
This battery is environmentally friendly as it does not contain lead, cadmium, or mercury.

Manufacture name Skyrich
Manufacturer Part Number HJT12B-FP
JAN code 6971475470053
type lithium ion
Compatible models Drag Star 400|FZ400|TDM850[98-]|TDM900|YZF-R1|ZX-10R|Drag Star 1100/Classic(VP10J/VP13J)|FJR1300(5JW1)[01-]|XJR1300(RP01J/RP03J)[00-]
*Even if the vehicle name is the same, the installed battery may differ depending on the year and type of vehicle model, so please be sure to check the actual battery type installed.
mass 1kg
Material Lithium iron phosphate
Product size Width 150 x Depth 65 x Height 130 mm
specification Voltage(V):12
CCA: 300
Power consumption (wh): 48
Standard charging current (A): 2
Maximum charging current (A): 20
Standard charging time (h): 2.5
Standard charging voltage (V): 14.4
Maximum charging voltage (V): 14.9
Note Vehicles equipped with electrical parts such as GPS navigation, heated grips, etc. may not be fully charged.
Do not charge the battery with a charging voltage exceeding 15.0V.
Do not charge the battery with a charger that has a sulfation mode function (pulse charging).
(*Trickle chargers and chargers with desulfation functions are not supported.)
Do not use a charger with a maximum charging voltage of 14.8V or higher.
remarks If you will not be using the motorcycle for an extended period of time, remove the negative cable from the battery terminal, just as you would with a conventional battery.

The battery charger now comes with a Euro 5 compatible harness and the packaging has been renewed!
■Battery charger specially designed and developed for Ducati
■Can be used with models equipped with lithium-ion batteries
■New models can be directly connected to the DDA socket (Euro 5 models use the included harness)
■ A cable with eyelet terminal is included for models without sockets
■ Designed to further extend the life of lithium-ion batteries, it can maintain the battery charge even when the vehicle is not used for an extended period of time.
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