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DUCATI genuine radiator cap DUCATI genuine genuine product 89340061A Monster S4, S4R, S4RS ST4, ST4S 749,R,S/999,R,S

DUCATI genuine radiator cap DUCATI genuine genuine product 89340061A Monster S4, S4R, S4RS ST4, ST4S 749,R,S/999,R,S

2 Reviews
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This is a genuine DUCATI radiator cap.
Radiator caps deteriorate easily, and if they are defective, the pressure will drop and the coolant will boil. If the coolant boils, it can damage the hoses and radiator, and if the coolant leaks and you continue to drive, the engine may overheat. The radiator cap maintains the water pressure in the cooling channel at a specified value, releases cooling water that cannot fit into the cooling channel due to temperature rise into the reservoir tank, and drains the cooling water from the reservoir tank when the temperature returns to normal. It functions to return the water to the cooling waterway.
Please keep it checked and as a spare.

Ducati Monster S4, S4R, S4RS
Ducati Sport Touring ST4, ST4S
Ducati Superbike 749, R, S
Ducati Superbike 999, R, S

Compatible car models

2008 Monster S4R
2008 Monster S4R
2008 Monster S4RS
2008 Monster S4RS
2007 Monster S4R
2007 Monster S4RS
2006 Monster S4R
2006 Monster S4RS
2006 Superbike 749/749 Dark
2006 Superbike 749R
2006 Superbike 749S
2006 Superbike 999
2006 Superbike 999s
2005 Monster S4RS
2005 Superbike 749 / 749 Dark
2005 Superbike 749R
2005 Superbike 749S
2005 Superbike 999
2005 Superbike 999R
2004 Monster S4R
2004 Superbike 749 / 749 Dark
2004 Superbike 749R
2004 Superbike 749S
2004 Superbike 999
2004 Superbike 999S
2003 Monster S4R
2003 Superbike 749
2003 Superbike 999
2003 Superbike 999R
2003 Superbike 999S
2002 Monster S4
2002 ST4
2002 ST4S
2001 Monster S4
2001 ST4
2001 ST4

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