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Asuku ABUS GRANIT CITY CHAIN ​​X-PLUS 1060 1100mm Length 110cm New Model Strongest Chain Lock Abs/Abas

Asuku ABUS GRANIT CITY CHAIN ​​X-PLUS 1060 1100mm Length 110cm New Model Strongest Chain Lock Abs/Abas

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Genuine ABUS product made in Germany.
ABUS level: 15
-Lock body: with automatic keyhole cover
Key type: ABUS X-Plus cylinder 1000000 types Steel link quenching Evolved steel link cable! 10mm hardened steel links cover internal cables. Further security is achieved by adopting a patented locking mechanism. 850mm 2,100g /1100mm 2,650g. made in Germany.

The original and highest peak of U-shaped rock. Strong against twisting and picking, boasting a very high security level.
A lock that boasts ABUS highest level security LEVEL15. Adopted 10mm chain using high-strength ABUS special steel. To the bike you want to cherish for the rest of your life.
It is a highly reliable and strongest lock that can be especially recommended in terms of weight, price and strength. Please use a lock like this for expensive bikes.

Germany-born historical brand ABUS

The founder, August Bremicker, advocated a simple and universal statement, "What is most necessary for security is quality." I went. Today, ABUS, which has the largest market share in Europe and spreads around the world, is behind its commitment to quality that can be said to be thorough. We have a very strong commitment to quality, such as repeating various rigorous tests every day at our own laboratory and only those that clear the tests are commercialized. We have also adopted a unique level system to allow users to easily select the security level they need. ABUS is not just a manufacturer that sells keys, but a brand that provides security and safety.

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