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7/21 Italy in stock FGRT214 OHLINS Ohlins Front Fork DUCATI PanigaleV4/V2/899/959 Panigale FG R&T NIX 43mm Black

7/21 Italy in stock FGRT214 OHLINS Ohlins Front Fork DUCATI PanigaleV4/V2/899/959 Panigale FG R&T NIX 43mm Black

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When "In stock in Italy" is displayed, it will be delivered in about 7 to 10 business days. (Delivery time may vary depending on logistics and customs clearance.)

(After stock is sold out, it will be a reservation for the next arrival and will be shipped as soon as it arrives.)
Orders are concentrated during the race season, so the delivery date may be delayed.

959 Panigale
899 Panigale
Panigale V2
Panigale V4 (2018-2022 with Showa forks)

OHLINS FGRT200 series gold outer tube model [OHLINS genuine product]

[Type shape] FG R&T NIX
Inner tube: Titanium coating
Bottom parts: aluminum
[Size] Fork length: 740mm
・Spring rate: 10.0N/mm
・Standard oil level: 150mm
・Standard preload amount: 6mm
・Compression side damping force adjustment effective number: 20 steps
・ Effective number of steps for rebound damping force adjustment: 20 steps

Main features and advantages of FG R&T front forks】
・Increase the diameter of the piston. Newly developed 30mm cartridge design
・Improved switching performance by separate and independent expansion/compression damping (NIX system)
・ All adjustments are integrated into the newly designed top cap
・The setting speed is dramatically improved.
・Further weight reduction of bottom part integrated caliper bracket
・New design that can be easily recognized as a new model
Optimized weight distribution from top to end

After purchase, maintenance and overhaul are handled promptly in Japan.
Ohlins Repair/Specification Change Application Form

Please be assured that all OHLINS products we handle are genuine OHLINS products. We have a contract with an official OHLINS distributor in Italy for domestic sales.
Post-purchase maintenance and overhaul are of course possible in Japan, and we are able to respond quickly and inexpensively.
Like the All Japan team, it is possible to customize and change the spring rate according to the rider's weight.
Click here for OHLINS maintenance and custom form.
Ohlins Repair/Specification Change Application Form

New design top cap (NIX)

A top cap that can be heard that it has achieved a big evolution from the past. The top cap, which has the same design as the racing cartridge, adjusts the left and right independent damping force and spring preload.

Bottom integrated caliper bracket
<br>Bottom parts cut from forged aluminum. For the purpose of high rigidity and weight reduction, we integrated the caliper support part and bottom parts of the latest racing fork and the same method. The ultimate appearance, which has been thoroughly stripped of luxury than ever before, is simply beautiful.

Fin design outer tube An outer tube with a beautiful machine finish and a characteristic black anodized finish. By optimizing the wall thickness, high rigidity and light weight are fused at a high level. Adopts a "fin" design that achieves both high rigidity and light weight, which is the same method as the racing fork FGR.

Titanium-coated inner tube
φ43 Inner tube with titanium-coated surface. The low friction loss that has been raised to the limit is realized by careful surface treatment that spans many processes. In addition, the surface hardness is doubled compared to chrome coat.

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