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Beater aluminum tank Paint option Monitor special price Genuine decal fee + decal attachment + hard clear painting fee *Limited to simultaneous purchase with Beater tank

Beater aluminum tank Paint option Monitor special price Genuine decal fee + decal attachment + hard clear painting fee *Limited to simultaneous purchase with Beater tank

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Please order in combination with the painting fee. This is a service special price that cannot be ordered separately. Genuine decal fee + decal attachment + hard clear painting.
The decal position will be based on the genuine position, but if you send us a photo or email us the image data, we will try to match it as much as possible.
Please note that if genuine decals are no longer available for older models, etc., additional charges will be incurred.

The photo above shows the precious Beater aluminum tank painted with the Montjuy genuine color using Old Racing Montjuy decals. It is the finish of the impression by hard clear finish. Please consult DUCATISM for tank/cowl painting. The long-established painter that we have been commissioning for the past few years specializes in restoration painting of Ferrari/DUCATI, etc., and has a lot of experience, and the accuracy of his skills is noteworthy.

Since the establishment of DUCATISM, we have asked about 5 companies for painting, but the final finish and durability are incomparable with other companies, and we were able to meet the most reliable painter. Please leave the painting of DUCATI to us. The price is also very conscientious, and we are also good at painting on aluminum tanks, which are disliked by other companies and are expensive and difficult, and softening agent mixed painting on thin FRP / carbon materials.

About 3 weeks for painting. The delivery time will be extended during the busy season of the painting industry such as the race season. For tank decals, if they are in stock in Italy, genuine products will be used, and the painting price will be the monitor price for a limited number only when ordering a new aluminum tank for Beater.

Single color red hard polish finish without decals will be a uniform monitor price. After completion, I will take a picture with DUCATISM and post it on the page. In addition, we will send you a jpg photo by e-mail after installing the vehicle. We only accept painting requests for Italian motorcycles such as DUCATI and bimota.

Since it is an Italian product, there are individual differences in the genuine color depending on the year and lot, and significant deterioration in color over time, so we recommend color matching. Complaints cannot be made without color matching. Please send the parts of the color you want to match, such as the cowl of the vehicle, to DUCATISM (please pay the shipping fee).

We will match colors using colors that are as close as possible. (No color matching fee) *Note: All painting is done by hand, so the finish may vary depending on the color, shape of the painted item, season, etc. Please refrain from painting requests from those who are too nervous. Thank you for your understanding.

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