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DUCATI Performance

DUCATI SuperSport 950 2021-2024 Complete Racing Exhaust Muffler 96482031AA Ducati SuperSport 950 Akrapovic Full Exhaust

DUCATI SuperSport 950 2021-2024 Complete Racing Exhaust Muffler 96482031AA Ducati SuperSport 950 Akrapovic Full Exhaust

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Complete exhaust unit.
DUCATI Super Sport 950
Ducati Performance AKRAPOVIC Full Exhaust System SuperSport 950

Weight loss [kg] 4,6
Maximum power [hp] +2%
Power during mid-range rotation [hp] +5%
Torque at mid-range [Nm] +9%

High performance, precise sound research are the main features of this complete system with a silencer encased in an elegant titanium sleeve. These are the guidelines followed by Akrapovič in the design of this racing system. A pleasure in looks and sound. Manufactured in partnership with Akrapovič.

The titanium silencer produces a sound that is the result of a pursuit of high performance. A sound that will impress you.
This is the most advanced racing complete unit ever developed by AKRAPOVIC. Each section of the system is made of a special titanium alloy that is ultra-lightweight and resistant to high temperatures, and is manufactured using TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding to achieve lightweight construction. It significantly improves the power-to-weight ratio and provides sharp acceleration. *For racing use only (not for use on public roads)

We are now accepting orders! Special price only for current orders!! Hurry!!
(Please note that delivery dates may vary depending on the manufacturer and customs clearance procedures.) Orders are concentrated during the racing season, so please place your order early.

Silencer material: Titanium Exhaust pipe material: Titanium Collection method: 2-1-2 Shape: CONICAL
Race use only (For racing use only. Not for use on public roads)

Cannot be used with passenger handles or side bags. Cannot be used with standard passenger footpegs. If carrying a passenger, please also install the dedicated passenger footpeg brackets.

Ducati Corseとの協力により実現したアクセサリー
Race use only.
*Does not comply with safety standards. This product is for circuit use only. Use on public roads is prohibited in many countries and regions. Please use in accordance with the laws of the country or region in which you are using it.
* Installation may require modification, so cancellations or returns cannot be accepted after an order has been placed. Please ask a skilled professional shop to install the product.

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