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Suflex S1815 Wet clutch disc DUCATI 750F1 (type 1), 400F3, 400SS, M400

Suflex S1815 Wet clutch disc DUCATI 750F1 (type 1), 400F3, 400SS, M400

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2023/11 sold out. Since the next time is undecided, we recommend the following genuine DUCATI clutch disc 19020051A.

S1815 Wet clutch disc DUCATI 85-86 750F1 (Type 1), 86-88 350/400F3, 1994-99 400SS/M400

Adopts a new product slit-processed friction plate.
Manufactured by Surflex Italy, a prestigious manufacturer of high-performance friction parts made in Italy, which produced genuine clutches for Ducati on an OEM basis.

A reinforced type with excellent slip resistance and judder resistance. Old car owners are also satisfied. Recommended.

Notes on clutch installation: We recommend that all DUCATI clutch installations be done by a DUCATI dealer or a pro shop experienced with DUCATI.
Please note that during installation, DUCATI clutches are different from domestic cars, and the thickness of the entire clutch disc needs to be adjusted in 1/10mm increments for each car model and model year. The same applies to genuine clutches, SURFLEX, and Barnet clutches. Please refer to the genuine maintenance manual for the thickness of each vehicle type. Please note that even if it is included in the target vehicle, it is not a bolt-on specification that will work once assembled.
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