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FCR39 FCR41 DUCATI 750F1 Carburetor/intake manifold, basic set Ducati 350-39-512 350-41-512

FCR39 FCR41 DUCATI 750F1 Carburetor/intake manifold, basic set Ducati 350-39-512 350-41-512

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●FCRφ39 downdraft + horizontal = 154,000 yen + tax = 169,400 yen ●FCRφ41 Downdraft + Horizontal = 170,000 yen + tax = 187,000 yen
Includes 2 plastic funnels and a setting manual (basic settings completed for each vehicle model)

●750F1 exclusive intake manifold set = 62,000 yen + tax = 68,200 yen

Total 39 sets = 216,000 yen + tax = 237,600 yen 41 sets = 232,000 yen + tax = 255,200 yen

To use this, you will need this throttle/Tomaselli throttle and two-wire pull, or a dedicated throttle and two-pronged wire set.

Delivery time is expected to be 2-3 months. (Delivery time will be extended during the race season.)

Please note that processing may be required depending on the model, year, and other individual differences between the vehicle and this part.

The second image is the FCR41 carb body and optional aluminum air funnel set

FCR39/41 Racing Carburetor
Separate short manifold for high response and larger diameter for increased power at higher RPMs
For use in three limited edition 750F1 cars (Montjuy, Laguna Seca, Santa Monica)
(If you let us know the tuning details, the circuit you will be using, etc. in the order comment section, we will send it out with approximately the appropriate settings.)

The photo shows the independent FCR basic set. Contents: FCR downdraft x1, FCR horizontal x1, intake manifold set x2 (Malossi processed product. With insulator and band), red funnel x2 + mounting screws x4, aluminum machined spigot for each vehicle model, hose, setting manual, stickers, etc. The setting is basic setting for each vehicle model. The second image is a full set with aluminum throttle and two-pronged wire (pull/return)

In response to numerous requests, we have developed the FCR kit for the DUCATI 750F1. We also accept orders for other vehicle models.

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