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DUCATI PanigaleV4R 2019-2020 DTC EVO2- Slick/Rain Tire Software PanigaleV4R 96580211A

DUCATI PanigaleV4R 2019-2020 DTC EVO2- Slick/Rain Tire Software PanigaleV4R 96580211A

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Estimated delivery time is approximately 2 to 4 weeks (Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the manufacturer and customs clearance).Due to the high volume of orders during the race season, delivery times may be delayed.

DTC Evo 2 for racing tires for PANIGALE V4R 2019-2020 model.

Ducati Traction & Wheel Control Evo 2 for slick tires is now also available for the V4R. Developed in collaboration with Ducati Corse engineers to significantly improve track performance in rainy conditions, whether fitted with slicks or rain tires. Based on the excellent Evo2, it has been developed exclusively for circuit driving when equipped with racing tires. The perfect accessory for riders looking for maximum performance regardless of the conditions. The software can be set to eight different intervention levels (six for dry and two for wet), allowing each rider to achieve maximum performance with control tailored to their riding style and grip conditions. It will be possible. To increase top performance, when DTC EVO 2 is set to level 1 or 2, you can intentionally spin the tires. Dynamic Slide Control (DSC) control, which responds directly to the rider's demands, provides bike control previously only available to experienced professional racers. When leaning the bike into a corner, the rider can treat the throttle as a direct interface to the system, exceeding DTC EVO 2's traction control intervention level when more than 120 Nm of torque is requested via the throttle. You can get rear tire spinning. This allows the system to control safety parameters while creating a gentle oversteer that allows the rider to actually turn the trajectory of the rear tire.

Ducati Corseとの協力により実現したアクセサリー
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