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7/9 In stock in Italy Brembo GP4-LM Endurance Radial Monoblock CNC Caliper Nickel Coated 108mm Pitch XC1AB10 XC1AB11 Brembo Racing

7/9 In stock in Italy Brembo GP4-LM Endurance Radial Monoblock CNC Caliper Nickel Coated 108mm Pitch XC1AB10 XC1AB11 Brembo Racing

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Items "in stock in Italy" will be delivered within 7 to 12 business days.
Once the stock is sold out, reservations will be made for the next arrival and will be shipped as soon as they arrive, with a delivery time of approximately 2 to 4 weeks.
(Delivery dates may vary depending on the manufacturer, customs clearance, etc.; orders may be concentrated during the race season, so delivery dates may be delayed)

brembo GP4-LM Endurance Radial CNC Caliper Genuine product from Brembo, Italy

Piston diameter: 32/36mm titanium piston.
Mounting pitch 108mm Offset: 22.5mm
This product is an imported product from an official Brembo distributor in Italy, so the serial number is managed by Brembo Italy, and it is shipped after undergoing pressure tests and other tests.
Since these are life-related parts, we recommend genuine products from an authorized Brembo dealer for both racing and street use.

Monoblock design The GP4-LM caliper combines monoblock design technology with machining. Contains high-performance sintered brake pads that are ideal for both road use and race cars, as well as mounting parts and instructions. Also includes thermochromic stickers. This is a tool used in MotoGP to check the operating temperature of the calipers after each session. Brembo Racing Z04 brake pads used in the Superbike Championship can also be used.

Cutting method from an ingot
Similar to the Brembo calipers used in MotoGP and the World Superbike Championship, the new GP4-MS calipers (108mm pitch) are machined from aluminum ingots. Compared to brake parts manufactured by casting, manufacturing by machining from ingots allows the use of materials with superior mechanical properties and high resistance to high temperatures, resulting in improved performance of the entire brake system. Masu.

Nickel coated brake caliper CNC caliper Nickel coating
For the first time, the body of this caliper is milled from solid metal and features the same surface finish as MotoGp. Nickel coating optimizes manufacturing tolerances,
The design is also very attractive. It combines two features that contribute to performance and accuracy.

This product is sold in kit form and includes sintered brake pads manufactured using today's most advanced manufacturing techniques.
Also included is an instruction manual, a set of Brembo decals, and a set of temperature stickers to monitor the operating temperature of the calipers during races.
These stickers are just a sign that the brakes belong to thoroughbred racing pedigree.

Regarding nickel coat: Nickel coat is a type of surface treatment using plating, and is used with the primary purpose of reducing dimensional tolerances. It is used for lace parts that require a precise finish, and its beautiful shine is also highly popular for dress-up purposes. However, due to its characteristics, it has lower weather resistance than anodized products, so it is more likely to cause stains due to dirt that adheres to it while driving, scratches from flying stones, and peeling of the plating layer due to temperature changes. I am. This is not a product defect, but a product characteristic of products that use nickel coating. In order to maintain a more beautiful condition, it is necessary to clean it using a neutral detergent after driving, and to perform antiseptic treatment if the plating layer peels off. We ask for your understanding and understanding before considering this matter.

Stock may suddenly run out due to race demand, etc. Hurry up. Please note that the delivery date may change if the item is on backorder. We are currently accepting orders at the conventional prices listed above, but please understand that prices may increase in the future.

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