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AS Uotani 0501P SPII Full Power Kit Corded Set for DUCATI MHR/Bevel SS AS Uotani SP2

AS Uotani 0501P SPII Full Power Kit Corded Set for DUCATI MHR/Bevel SS AS Uotani SP2

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AS Uotani 0501P SPII Full Power Kit Corded Set for DUCATI MHR/Bevel SS Uotani SP2A
With plug cord/cap
with code marker
Cord connector crimped

900MHR/1000MHR/Bevel 900SS exclusive design Replace genuine ignition coil and module.
From street driving to racing use. The culmination of research by professionals who know everything about ignition systems.
We pursue startability by strengthening the ignition system, improve combustion efficiency, increase mid-low speed torque, and extend the high rotation range during racing.
Optimal variable ignition mapping, optional rev limiter settings, and reborn as your favorite machine according to your driving style and tuning.
Both can be changed instantly after the engine is started. Recommended for machines with deteriorated ignition systems such as ignition coils and modules.
Compact coil and unit design. A design that sets it apart from the large Dyna-type coils that generate a lot of heat and deteriorate.
*Wide frame vehicles (1000 Mille, etc.) require coil mounting processing. Processing may be required depending on the model, year, etc., installation vehicle, and modification details. Thank you for your understanding.

Instruction manual (pdf)

It became a new model: The connector of the unit has a new shape. Coil and unit are both compact and easy to install. It is a design that makes a clear distinction from the large DYNA series coils that generate a large amount of heat and deteriorate rapidly. The unit has an output terminal for an electric tachometer such as STACK (STACK ST700/500SR operation confirmed). Even during a race, you can instantly change the mapping depending on the conditions of the day, the condition of the machine, and the way you run. It would be a great advantage to be able to prevent damage → driving impossibility).

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