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STM Evoluzione Wet Slipper Clutch Ducati Panigale V4/S 2018-2022 FDU-S100 Ducati EVO-SBK STM Genuine Product

STM Evoluzione Wet Slipper Clutch Ducati Panigale V4/S 2018-2022 FDU-S100 Ducati EVO-SBK STM Genuine Product

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Made in Italy. Genuine STM product

STM Evoluzione Wet Slipper Clutch for Ducati Panigale V4/V4S
Fits: Ducati Panigale V4 /V4S(2018-2022)

The STM slipper clutch allows you to freely control the powerful engine braking unique to high-power four-stroke engines, maximizing the machine's potential.

By changing the secondary spring rate, the timing of engine brake release can be adjusted to suit the rider's preference and course conditions.

The STM slipper clutch system automatically adjusts excessive engine braking when downshifting or off-throttle. It prevents rear tires from locking and eliminates hopping during deceleration, maintaining grip on the road surface. Dramatically improves vehicle stability and handling. It also enables quick cornering approaches by downshifting.

The STM slipper clutch system is not only necessary for speed, but is also essential for protecting the engine, transmission, drive system, etc. from the impulse caused by excessive engine braking. The large diaphragm spring combines strong clamping force with smooth and precise operability. The release timing of the engine brake can also be adjusted by changing the rate of the built-in second spring. The STM slipper clutch system is the pinnacle of clutch systems with advanced functions. In addition, the effective combination with the STM Stile clutch release piston Φ30 reduces the force required to grip the clutch lever. This is a racing part that can be used widely, from racing use to public roads.

High machining precision is important for slipper clutches, which are made up of many parts that function together. STM, a specialist slipper clutch manufacturer, prioritizes functionality, so all components are designed and manufactured in its own factory. This attitude is thorough, and even pairings, which are usually selected from standard products, are no exception. Products made with excellent technology and unique design are so beautiful that it is hard to believe they are functional parts, and it would be a shame to hide them inside the engine. STM slipper clutches transmit their operating status to the clutch lever as pulsations, allowing the rider to know a wealth of information such as the rear tire and road conditions. In addition, STM's unique engagement plate suppresses the occurrence of unpleasant judder when starting, achieving smooth clutch connection. Even city riders and beginners can start without worrying. It provides a great sense of security on wet roads and achieves smooth acceleration and deceleration when riding tandem. All movements are wrapped in a high-quality operating feel created by the precise and smooth movement brought about by precise machining precision. STM, the pioneer of slipper clutches and still at the forefront, has a great advantage.

Why install an STM clutch?
- Prevents engine over-revving
- Avoid rear wheel skipping
- It is possible to climb without using the clutch
- Allows controlled sliding of the rear wheels
- Manages the clutch closing phase when cornering (to avoid buckling)
- Thanks to the diaphragm spring, the release of the lever (start) is easier to manage.

STM is a versatile and dynamic company, entirely Made in Italy, whose business objective is innovation and research in the motorcycle sector. The first prototypes of the slipper clutch were born in the 90s, thanks to which STM has achieved success all over the world. The quality of STM products is embodied in the two victories in the Superbike World Championship together with the DUCATI team. In 2003, the slipper clutch technology was extended from dry clutches to oil bath clutches, significantly widening its range of use.
Not only Ducati, but all Superbike teams require collaboration with STM. This leads to the development of cutting-edge components that combine operational reliability and precision. Building on the great achievements made in Superbike, STM extends its boundaries to the Motocross and Supermotard categories. This is why STM is today a racing art, combining technical perfection with Italian aesthetic flair, thanks to the selection and support of the best materials on the market and its own specialized team. In 2017 STM obtained the certification of the company's Quality Management System in accordance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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