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Ohmmu Tesla Model 3 for 12V Lithium Battery 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model T12403-BH

Ohmmu Tesla Model 3 for 12V Lithium Battery 12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model T12403-BH

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Bluetooth + Self-Heating T12403-BH (In addition to Bluetooth, it is equipped with a self-heating function while charging for cold regions where the daily temperature is below 0 degrees)

12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model 3 Bluetooth compatible battery
Size: 195mm x 122mm x 205mm (plus 20mm for lugs), 11lbs (4.9kg)
Genuine lead battery is 14kg

Available for 2019-2021 models only.
The 2022 model cannot be used because the original one is a small lithium battery.

Upgrade your battery with Ohmmu's 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), Bluetooth-enabled battery!

Ohmmu Bluetooth app
Get valuable diagnostic and lifecycle information, state of charge (SOC), and more from this Bluetooth-enabled battery using the Ohmmu app.
The Ohmmu app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

Lightweight, high performance, and long life!

4-Year Full Replacement Warranty in the USA Proprietary 12V lithium cell and BMS technology that is a drop-in replacement for your existing battery (no firmware changes required) Battery management system prevents battery damage in extreme conditions and protects the battery cells. Keeps the pack balanced and has a long life! > 5 hours discharge test with 30Ah true lithium capacity (more aggressive test than lead-acid test) Easy to carry, weighs only 11lbs (4.9kg)
Why use Ohmmu?
1. Increase reliability
2. Lasts a long time (long life)
3. Reduce weight
4. Increase capacity
5. Increase power (no voltage drop, better performance of 12v, especially for subwoofer/amplifier)
6. Less waste (uses fewer batteries, less material for each battery)
7. Increase efficiency (Ohmmu 12v charges and discharges with higher efficiency (lead acid/OEM)

Limited warranty period - 48 months
4 years (48 months) from date of purchase
100% full replacement guarantee against any kind of performance failure
Physical damage or modification of the battery voids the warranty
Using the battery for any purpose other than its intended purpose or in an unauthorized application/vehicle will void the warranty.
Any updates or changes to the vehicle's software by you or the vehicle manufacturer that change the 12V battery system or its compatibility with our batteries will void your warranty.
Guaranteed exchange shipping charges (domestic and US shipping plus duties and taxes) are not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable. EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH ABOVE, NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE MADE UNDER THIS AGREEMENT.
warranty claim
To make a warranty claim, please send an email to

Please be sure to include your order number, problem description, approximate date of purchase, buyer's name and address, and any photos related to the problem.

If requested, the original battery must be returned using the provided return label and the replacement battery box and packaging materials.
If the original battery is requested and not returned within 14 days of receipt of the replacement unit, the cost of the replacement unit will be charged to the payment method on file.
Adapters and accessories are not included with the replacement unit and should be retained.
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