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Italy stock DU126 OHLINS Monster 950 rear suspension DUCATI Monster 950+ 937 S46DR1B

Italy stock DU126 OHLINS Monster 950 rear suspension DUCATI Monster 950+ 937 S46DR1B

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When "Tomorrow" or "Domestic Stock" is displayed in the title, it will be shipped immediately or within 1-2 business days.
When "In stock in Italy" is displayed, it will be delivered in about 7 to 10 business days. (Delivery time may vary depending on the manufacturer and customs clearance.)

(After stock is sold out, it will be a reservation for the next arrival and will be shipped as soon as it arrives.)
Please note that the delivery date may be delayed during the race season and busy season.

Please rest assured that it will be [OHLINS genuine product].
* We accept requests for Ohlins overhaul. Please be assured that we can also change springs, change specifications, and tune products in Japan only for products purchased from our store.

DUCATI Monster 950 950+ 937 2021-2023

DU 126 Technical data
Length: 294 mm
Stroke: 60 mm
Rate N/mm: 95 N/mm
Mounted spring: 01093-31

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