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Aella AE-10082 DUCATI Monster 1200R Riding Step Kit Footpeg kit

Aella AE-10082 DUCATI Monster 1200R Riding Step Kit Footpeg kit

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Positioning determined through repeated trial and error. The double bearing mechanism that grips the pedal from both sides eliminates rattling and provides a different level of shift feel and braking. Make everyday riding more comfortable and safe. AELLA considers it the most important. Creating a comfortable posture that reduces fatigue will naturally improve the quality of your riding and take you to the next stage.

Polished aluminum is machined without alumite surface treatment.
Polishing creates a beautiful luster, but the surface may deteriorate quickly depending on how it is handled.

To maximize the potential of R-spec and freely manipulate its power.
It captures the eyes of those who see it, which is a fitting expression. The moment you put it on, you won't be able to take your eyes off its presence.

■Specially designed CNC machined aluminum
■Position: Step position variable 4 positions
1) 10mm forward/10mm above
2) 10mm front/20mm above
3) 20mm front/10mm above
4) 20mm front/20mm above

Difference between white alumite and polish

YOUTUBE ▶ "AELLA Channel" is also available, so please take a look.
→ “About the difference between AELLA polish and white (color)”

The difference is whether or not it is anodized.

Generally, manufacturers of machined aluminum products sell most of their products after anodizing. Alumite treatment increases surface hardness, makes it more resistant to scratches, and improves corrosion resistance.

AELLA has both anodized and non-anodized products.
We call uncolored alumite "white alumite." The reason why it is called white is because it looks a little whitish after anodizing.

On the other hand, polished refers to the state in which the aluminum has been cut. When you hear the word polish, you may think that it is polished, but it is not actually polished.
I took a photo for comparison, so please take a look.

Image left: Polished Image right: White anodized

Image left: Polished Image right: White anodized

You can see that the surface gloss is different between polished and white alumite.
White alumite has a slightly rougher surface, while polished has clear reflections.
However, unlike a mirror surface, it has a unique luster that can only be achieved by cutting. (Click on the image to enlarge)

“Strength” of being able to sell polish as a product

As mentioned earlier, polish has a unique texture that can only be achieved by cutting.
If you like carving, this luster will enhance your sense of ownership.

So why is this polish not widely available? That's because it takes more effort than necessary.

When cutting parts from aluminum ingots, we try to reduce the amount of parts to be cut as much as possible to reduce costs. On the back side, we do not remove any parts that are not needed and simply anodize them. This will make the unscraped parts less noticeable.

Polish all surfaces, even those that don't need to be polished, as if removing a thin layer. Scrape all sides, including the back side.
Also, the sharpening tools used are extremely expensive. Cheap cutting tools can make the cut surface rough and do not give a clean finish.
The polish is not anodized, so all traces are visible.
Although it is necessary to incur extra costs to achieve this goal, it is possible to achieve a uniquely beautiful finish, which is one of the strengths of AELLA.

・White alumite is uncolored alumite.
・The polish should remain in the state it was cut.
- Polishing cannot be tampered with at all.

Did you understand about polish and white alumite?

I think some people may be interested in the polished finish. We at AELLA are also happy when we see bikes using polish at meetings and other events.

Lastly, here is some information for those who are looking for polish.
Due to its nature, polish scratches easily, is sensitive to moisture and dirt, and is prone to white rust.
However, if you don't leave it as is for a long time, there will be no deterioration in performance, but it takes more effort to keep it looking good forever than with anodized aluminum.
In order to keep it in the best condition possible, we
・Always stay dry
・When wiping the surface, be careful not to pick up dust, etc., and polish with wax that does not contain abrasives.
- Small scratches cannot be erased, so if they occur, polish them regularly to achieve a mirror finish.
We will guide you etc.
Anodized products cannot be polished, so polishing is recommended to enjoy the changes over time.

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