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DUCATI Performance

DUCATI MultiStradaV4 Euro5 Standard Compliant Slip-on Silencer 96481775DA Akrapovic Multistrada V4 Ducati Genuine

DUCATI MultiStradaV4 Euro5 Standard Compliant Slip-on Silencer 96481775DA Akrapovic Multistrada V4 Ducati Genuine

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MULTISTRADA V4/S 2021-2024

Akrapovic Euro5 standard compliant Please rest assured that this is a titanium silencer that complies with EURO regulations [regular Italian DUCATI performance genuine product].

When "In stock in Italy" is displayed, the item will be delivered by express delivery within 7 to 10 business days. (Delivery date may vary depending on the manufacturer and customs clearance.)
(Once the stock is sold out, reservations will be made for the next arrival and will be shipped as soon as they arrive)
Due to a high volume of orders during the race season, delivery times may be delayed.

Weight reduction: 0.7Kg

Unique Ducati design and Akrapovic's meticulous manufacturing techniques combine to bring to life this special accessory that gives your bike an even more aggressive look. With a titanium alloy body and carbon fiber end cap, it is incredibly light and has excellent heat resistance. The exhaust port is combined with a honeycomb structure to create a unique style. A silencer further improves the power-to-weight ratio for optimal performance. The style of this accessory perfectly matches the design of your bike and adds a sporty touch.

Installation instructions

このアフターマーケット・ドゥカティ・パフォーマンスキットは、米国環境保護庁およびカリフォルニア州大気資源局の一般道での使用基準に準拠しています。日本での公道走行基準適合アクセサリー。EU 規則 No 168/2013 (2013年1月15日)の基準に適合するサイレンサー。

New number 96481775DA
Old product number 96481774DA 96481773DA 96481772DA 96481771AA, 96481771BA, 96481771CA, 96481771DA
Available models
2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
2023, 2024
2023, 2024
2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
2023, 2024

Regarding safety standards
Products labeled as compliant with EURO regulations are engraved with the e-mark and certification number, and are recognized as products that have passed the accelerated driving noise test.
At the vehicle inspection site, only proximity exhaust noise will be inspected if the product is installed on a vehicle that is compatible with the product. (Vehicles equipped with catalysts must maintain the device.) For more information, please contact the factory being inspected or the relevant transportation branch office.
Products that do not comply with EURO regulations cannot be used on public roads.
For some products, even if they are compliant with EURO regulations, the genuine catalyst may have to be replaced and installed. Please note that in that case, the product will not comply with safety standards.

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