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Surflex S2343 Surflex DUCATI Dry Clutch Disc Lightweight Aluminum Friction Plate 1198/1098/M1100/Hypermotard1100

Surflex S2343 Surflex DUCATI Dry Clutch Disc Lightweight Aluminum Friction Plate 1198/1098/M1100/Hypermotard1100

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Please install within the specified clutch disc thickness specified in the genuine maintenance manual.

Also, be careful when replacing the clutch piston or master. Please be sure to ask your pro shop.

S2343 Dry clutch disc for DUCATI1198S/1198/1098S/1098
We recommend S2401 for 1098R/1198R vehicles equipped with genuine slipper clutch.
Compared to S1816, the surface pressure has increased and it is suitable for sports driving on circuits that take advantage of the high power of 1098.
This product is of the same standard as genuine 1098 and has the following features. *Measures have been taken to prevent judder. *Improved half-clutch characteristics *Uses friction material that is less slippery than the genuine product *Uses aluminum material for the friction plate *Emphasis on durability *Suitable for public road use (Can be used on circuits) (Recommended for racing use)

Compatible with racing and circuit driving.

Compatible models: For DUCATI 1098 series dry clutch engine vehicles
MONSTER 1100 (2008→2011)
MONSTER 1100S (2008-2011)
Hypermotard 1100, S(2008-2009)
Streetfighter 2010-2013

This is a clutch kit from Surflex, an Italian company that produces genuine Ducati clutches on an OEM basis.
This is a reinforced type with superior slip resistance and judder resistance compared to the genuine clutch. The friction plate is made of aluminum, making it a lightweight type that suppresses the attack on the clutch outer housing and the hammering noise, and the heat dissipation is also designed to be much higher than the genuine one. The disc plate also has high precision specifications. For D.I.Y.Ducatists with a strict eye...
Super lightweight 928g! Genuine 1480g (STM 12T disc=1340g)

*[Important] Notes regarding installation of products sold by our store
When installing all products, slight imperfections during installation may cause serious accidents such as death. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused by products installed by the customer.
In order to ensure the safety of all customers, we ask that all parts be installed at a professional shop certified in the country of use. Thank you for your understanding.
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