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AELLA AE-02020 DUCATI PanigaleV4 V4R Top Bridge MotoGP Design Ducati

AELLA AE-02020 DUCATI PanigaleV4 V4R Top Bridge MotoGP Design Ducati

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Top bridge MotoGP design (DUCATI PanigaleV4/V4R)

The top bridge is a part that supports the upper part of the fork, and together with the steering stem and under bracket, it is a part that greatly affects handling. Generally speaking, high rigidity = high performance, but an excessively hard feel can impair the natural handling feel. Therefore, this design was created with the idea of creating straightforward handling by cutting out the thickness of the top bridge and reducing the rigidity to an appropriate degree.

AELLA's top bridge is machined from solid aluminum, achieving both high rigidity and supple flexibility, two seemingly contradictory performances.The two front forks handle loads during cornering, etc. By allowing the vehicle to be passive to a certain extent rather than forcing it too hard, it improves nimble handling, or in other words, the steering feel.

■Compatible car models
Panigale V4/V4S/V4R


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