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STACK ST200 Tachometer CLUBMAN-TACHO Officially imported product, comes with Japanese instructions and a one-year warranty

STACK ST200 Tachometer CLUBMAN-TACHO Officially imported product, comes with Japanese instructions and a one-year warranty

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■Compatible with most ignition systems

2-stroke or 4-stroke. No matter the number of cylinders. Can be used with any ignition system, including full-transistor, semi-transistor, CDI, and battery. (Please note that it may not work properly in some vehicles that use special ignition timing)

■Waterproof and dustproof meter body
It is completely waterproof, so it can be used without problems even in open-top cars and motorcycles that are directly exposed to wind and rain.

■Maximum RPM memory and recall function
You can memorize the maximum RPM you used and recall it after driving to check it. (Tell-Tales)

■LED backlight illumination
The "Clubman" tachometer is maintenance-free because it has LED lighting and there is no need to worry about bulb burnout.

■80mm diameter meter panel
The "Clubman" tachometer is installed with a φ80mm mounting hole.

Since it is a standard size, it can be installed with a bolt-on if there is a φ80mm hole. It also comes with an easy-to-understand manual and accessories such as switches and terminals.

A great brand from the UK, with most modern F1 cars using STACK meters. Its outstanding high-precision digital technology, tough reliability, and beautiful LED lighting give it an incredible appeal! *Depending on the scale/dial, delivery may take some time. This is a model that is dedicated to displaying only tachometers at a reasonable price. It is also very popular among 4-wheelers. The importer will take responsibility for the warranty, which includes one year of free repairs and one month of free replacement of defective products. Comes with a detailed installation manual in Japanese and a one-year warranty (user registration required).

Displayed RPM
0-8000rpm / 0-10000rpm / 0-3-13000rpm / 0-6-15000rpm
Meter panel color
Classic black (rotating needle = white) / Polar white (red)
Meter panel lighting

The Clubman tachometer is a tachometer that pursues simple functionality and specializes in its performance. It uses a stepping motor-driven needle made by STACK, the same heart of the highest-end tachometer "Tack Timer". This stepping motor movement is the pinnacle of proven stepping motors that have been researched and developed by engineers since STACK manufactured a tachometer in 1986. The only moving part of the Stack stepping motor is the central axis of the needle. Moreover, the axis is firmly fixed at both ends by ball bearings and is designed to withstand harsh racing environments such as vibration, tilt, acceleration and deceleration G, etc. The feature of the Stack stepping motor is that the needle does not shake due to vibration, etc., or over-display due to inertia. In addition, the needle responds accurately and instantly to the engine speed through digital control using unique software. This is impossible with a normal electric tachometer, let alone a mechanical tachometer. Even with a compressed scale displayed to match a high-speed engine, the Stack tachometer is the easiest to read the engine speed, and is the most accurate and strongest tachometer.

It can be used regardless of the ignition system such as full-transistor, semi-transistor, CDI, battery, etc. (Please note that it may not function properly on some vehicles that use special ignition timing.) *For Harley Davidson Sportster, etc., it may not display the correct RPM. Waterproof and dustproof (IP67), it can be used without problems even in open cars and motorcycles that are directly exposed to wind and rain. This tachometer cannot display the correct RPM on vehicles with special ignition systems where the ignition signal intervals are not equal. Vehicles that have uneven ignition intervals, multiple ignitions only at specific RPM ranges, and vehicles that have ignition control such as intentional misfires, and cannot detect equal ignition signals, cannot display the correct RPM. Please use only on vehicles where the ignition signal can be detected continuously at equal intervals. Examples of vehicles where it is difficult to detect the evenly spaced ignition signal Harley Sportster 883 series (vehicles with single coil + simultaneous ignition of front and rear cylinders) Buell S1, M2, X1, etc. Vehicles equipped with Harley Sportster 883 series engines and ignition systems Honda CRM250AR, etc. Vehicles where the ignition signal input to the ignition coil does not match the engine speed

If the engine has a negative earth ignition, it does not matter whether it is 2-cycle or 4-cycle. (With maximum RPM memory function)

《Not a vehicle-specific product. Installation may require specialized knowledge of ignition system electricity》

Regarding cylinder number setting
The maximum setting is 8 cylinders for the 8000 rpm meter, 10 cylinders for the 10000 rpm meter, and 12 cylinders for the 13000 & 15000 rpm meters.

The maximum RPM used can be stored in memory and called up after driving to check. (Tell-Tales)

The Clubman tachometer is installed in a φ80mm mounting hole.

It is a standard size, so if you have a φ80mm hole, you can install it with a bolt-on.

It also comes with an easy-to-understand manual and accessories such as switches and terminals.

LED lamps are used for lighting, minimizing bulb trouble.

Stack shift light that can be equipped with a separate shift light

The high-brightness red shift light can be activated at any RPM. It can be installed in a place where it is easy to see. (Shift light sold separately)

Detailed installation instructions in Japanese, user manual and one-year warranty included (user manual, user manual, user manual) 9%u30D6%u30DE%u30F3%u30BF%u30B3%u30E1%u30FC%u30BF%u30FC

We cannot answer questions about parallel imports, used products, or installation methods that are expected to be attached to the purchased vehicle.

Even if you have questions before purchasing, we cannot answer questions about the public state.

If you have any questions about products other than those listed that we sell, please contact us by email.
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