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AELLA AE-10089A DUCATI PanigaleV4 V4R Riding Step Kit Panigale V4 Ducati

AELLA AE-10089A DUCATI PanigaleV4 V4R Riding Step Kit Panigale V4 Ducati

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After the stock is sold out, the delivery time is about 1 to 2 weeks (please note that the delivery time may vary depending on the manufacturer). During the race season, orders are concentrated, so the delivery time may be delayed. Please order as soon as possible.

Riding step kit AE-10089A
Compatible with Panigale V4 V4R.

Auto shifter is even smoother. Excellent operation feeling and position that makes it easy to control the bike.
Designed specifically for V4. Tested not only in urban areas but also on the circuit.
A step kit packed with AELLA quality, with numerous benefits that allow you to concentrate on riding, such as accurate operation, direct feeling, and 4 optimized positions to choose from.

●Position (compared to genuine) The position in parentheses is when the step bar mounting position is changed forward.
・Front 10mm/Down 0mm
・Front 10mm/Down 10mm
・Front 20mm/Down 0mm
・Front 20mm/Down 10mm
・(Front 30mm/Down 0mm)
・(Front 30mm/Down 10mm)

■ Compatible models
V4/ V4R
When installing the Ducati Performance Akrapovic full exhaust,
remove the right side heat guard stay (black anodized).

CNC machined aluminum

The high rigidity provides a precise feel, allowing you to apply the load firmly and each operation with a click, achieving a higher level of step work.

Both step bar position adjustment mechanism

The step bar has two mounting positions, one in front and one in back, and the step position can be moved 10 mm forward. This allows for further fine adjustment.

Both pedal tips are adjustable.

The pedal tips can be shortened by up to 10mm to fit riders with small feet. In addition, the tip of the pedal is equipped with a rotation prevention mechanism, so there is a very low possibility of it falling off.


Independently adjustable shift pedal

The shift side can be adjusted independently after optimizing the auto shifter's insertion with the rod.



・Double bearing structure for both pedal moving parts/ Block pattern step bar adopted/ L-shaped brake pedal adopted/ Meat removal that combines rigidity and light weight/ Reverse shift compatible (All positions can be selected with the same specifications as the genuine product by simply changing the mounting position of the shift rod)

 ・Stainless steel assist hook that is 20 mm longer than the genuine product is included


Difference between white anodized and polished

YOUTUBE ▶We also introduce this on the "AELLA Channel", so please take a look.
→"About the difference between AELLA polished and white (color)"

→「AELLA ポリッシュとホワイト(カラー)の違いについて」

The difference is whether it is "anodized" or not.

Generally, most manufacturers that manufacture machined aluminum products sell most of their products with anodizing. If it is anodized, the surface hardness will increase, making it more resistant to scratches and corrosion.

AELLA has both anodized and non-anodized products.

We call uncolored anodized aluminum "white anodized." The reason it is called white is because it looks a little whitish after anodizing.

On the other hand, polished aluminum refers to the state in which it is cut. When you hear the word "polished," you might think it is polished, but it is not actually polished.

Please take a look at the photos for comparison.


Top image: Polished

Bottom image: White anodized


Top image: Polished

Bottom image: White anodized



You can see that the surface gloss of polished and white anodized aluminum is different.

White anodized aluminum has a slightly rough surface, while polished aluminum has a clear reflection.

However, unlike a mirror surface, it has a unique gloss that can only be achieved by cutting. (Click on the image to enlarge)

The "strength" of selling polished products

As mentioned above, polished aluminum has a unique texture that can only be achieved by cutting.
If you like cutting, this glossy finish will enhance your sense of ownership.

So why is this polish not generally sold? It's because it takes more work than necessary.

When cutting parts from aluminum ingots, we try to reduce the amount of cutting as much as possible to keep costs down. We don't cut the backside and other parts that don't need to be cut, but just anodize them as they are. This makes the remaining cutting less noticeable.

When polishing, we cut all surfaces, even surfaces that don't need to be cut, as if peeling off a thin layer. The same goes for the backside, and all surfaces are cut.
The cutting tools used are also very expensive. Cheap cutting tools make the cut surface rough and the finish is not clean.
Polishing does not anodize, so all traces are visible.
It costs extra to get there, but it gives you a unique and beautiful finish, which is one of AELLA's strengths.

- White anodizing is uncolored anodizing.
・Polished products are left in the cut state.

・There is no way to hide polished products.

Did you understand about polished products and white anodized products?

I think some people are interested in polished products. At AELLA, we are also happy to see bikes that use polished products at meetings.

Finally, here is some information for those who are looking to purchase polished products.

Due to its nature, polished products are easily scratched, weak against moisture and dirt, and prone to white rust.

However, as long as you do not leave it for a long time, there will be no deterioration in performance, but it takes more effort to keep it looking beautiful than an anodized product.

In order to keep the product in the best condition possible, we recommend the following:

・Keep it dry at all times

・When wiping the surface, be careful not to get dust on it, and polish it with wax that does not contain abrasives

・Small scratches cannot be removed, so if they do appear, polish it to a mirror finish

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