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DUCATI Performance

July sale item DUCATI Genuine Desert X Exclusive Cover 97580241AA Ducati Genuine RALLY

July sale item DUCATI Genuine Desert X Exclusive Cover 97580241AA Ducati Genuine RALLY

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DUCATI on the outside Featuring the DESERTX logo This is an accessory exclusively for DESERTX. It protects your bike from dust and scratches while maintaining the typical Ducati style.

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Installation instructions

To prevent damage, do not cover the vehicle when the engine and exhaust system are hot. IMPORTANT Before installation, make sure all parts are undamaged and in clean condition. Take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging the parts involved in the work. Important Do not cover the vehicle if it is wet. Installing the cover Insert the seat from the front of the vehicle, then unfold it towards the bottom and rear. When removing the seat, start from the rear of the vehicle. Make sure to spread it out near the number plate and rear turn indicators to avoid cutting the seat or damaging the turn indicators. How to clean the bike cover seat The seat can be washed in a washing machine, but please note the following: Do not wash sheets at temperatures above 1.30°C. 2. Wash using a program equivalent to the "delicate" type. 3.Do not use a ``dryer'' or ``beat'' to dry. Spread the sheet out and let it dry naturally. 4. Never iron. 5. Never use "solvents" for cleaning. IMPORTANT Failure to follow the above precautions may result in damage to the fabric or discoloration.

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