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DUCATI 96681231AA Crimp Disc Lock ABUS New Model Strongest Lock Made in Germany ABUS/Avas

DUCATI 96681231AA Crimp Disc Lock ABUS New Model Strongest Lock Made in Germany ABUS/Avas

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Italy DUCATI Genuine Product Made in Germany ABUS Collaboration Product

Crimp type disc lock.

A safe and practical anti-theft device with a 10mm steel pin, body, hardened steel locking element, and memory cable included.

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New number 96681231AA
Old part number 967240AAA, 967246AAA, 967892AAA, 97980011A

The 10mm pin is made of stainless steel, and the main body and lock part are made of carburized hardened steel.
Achieves the practicality and security essential for anti-theft devices.
A memory cable and carrying case are also included along with the disc lock.
This is a general-purpose item, so it can be used with various models!
Please note that it is compatible with genuine discs, so
If the disc has been customized by an outside manufacturer, it may not be usable. Please be careful when purchasing.

ABUS, a historical brand born in Germany

Our founder, August Bremicker, advocated a simple and universal motto: ``The most important thing for security is quality.'' Since the company was founded in 1924, this mission has taken root and spread over time. I went. ABUS now has the largest market share in Europe and has spread all over the world, thanks to its commitment to quality. We are very particular about quality, as we repeat various rigorous tests every day at our own laboratory, and only products that pass those tests are commercialized. We have also adopted a unique level system to allow users to easily select the security level they need. ABUS is not just a manufacturer that sells keys, but a brand that provides security and security.

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