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AELLA AE-15005 Brake Lever Guard & Bar End Slider Set StreetFighterV4 MultiStrada Ducati AELLA

AELLA AE-15005 Brake Lever Guard & Bar End Slider Set StreetFighterV4 MultiStrada Ducati AELLA

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Brake lever guard & bar end slider (for inner diameter 14mm to 15mm)

This product prevents the brakes from activating and the front tire from locking when in contact with another vehicle,
and is an important part that protects the rider not only on the circuit but also in the unlikely event of an accident on a public road.

The handlebar end has a slider function, so in the unlikely event of a fall, it can be repaired by replacing only the slider part.

The left side is made of brass material to act as a handlebar weight, which has the effect of reducing vibration.

The bar end is made of repairable resin, giving it a slider function.
It can be easily installed by simply removing and attaching the bar end.

AELLA's design and processing give it a beautiful finish,
and it enhances the custom image of your bike as a highly fashionable part as well as a functional part.

Two offset colors (6mm/12mm) are included to avoid interference between the lever and lever guard.

Can be used in conjunction with our vibration-damping bar end titanium color: (AT-W0007).

Handlebar inner diameter
14mm-15mm is AE-15005
16mm-17mm is AE-15006
18mm-19mm is AE-15007

For customers who have our bar end sliders installed,
we also sell the lever guard part only.
14mm-15mm is AE-15008
16mm-17mm is AE-15009
18mm-19mm is AE-15010

The lever guard is a two-piece base and guard. If damaged, each part can be replaced.

■Compatible models (confirmed by our company)

※ Compatible with genuine tapered handlebars and AELLA aluminum tapered handlebars.





※ This product is compatible with pipe-shaped handlebars, so it is not compatible with bolt-tightened handlebars such as the S1000RR.
*For Multistrada1200, only AELLA aluminum tapered handlebars can be used.

*Compatible with genuine aluminum separate handlebars.

*Compatible with AELLA aluminum separate handlebars.

*Does not fit genuine handlebars for Paul Smart/SPORT1000/SPORT1000S.

*Fits all derived models such as S and R unless otherwise stated in compatibility.

*For Panigale, it can be installed, but please check the fit as it is a screw type. (Excluding V4)

*Cannot be used with genuine bar end mirrors for SPORT1000.

*Compatible with genuine handlebars for Multistrada1200, SCRAMBLER, and Xdiavel.

■Product Details
1 Base x 1
2 Guard x 1
3 Collar 12mm x 1
4 Collar 6mm x 1
5 Anchor x 1
6 Anchor nut x 1
7 Slider base x 1
8 Slider x 2
9 Washer x 2
10 Shaft x 1
11 Cap bolt M6 x 65 x 1
12 Cap bolt M6 x 50 x 2
13 M6 washer x 2
14 Ultra low head bolt M5 x 6 x 2
15 Parallel pin 2 x 8 x 4
16 Parallel pin 2 x 10 x 4
17 Parallel pin 2 x 15 x 4
18 Parallel pin 2 x 18 x 4
19 Parallel pin 2 x 20 x 4
20 Parallel pin 2 x 22 x 4
21 AELLA Etching plate x 2

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