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stock in Japan Dellorto PHM41 Dellorto Malossi φ41 carburetor choke Malossi DUCATI 750F1 etc.

stock in Japan Dellorto PHM41 Dellorto Malossi φ41 carburetor choke Malossi DUCATI 750F1 etc.

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If the product title says ``Delivery tomorrow'' or ``In stock'', orders placed before 4pm on weekdays can be shipped the same day. Items "in stock domestically" will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
When "In stock in Italy" is displayed, the delivery time will be approximately 7 to 12 business days. (Delivery dates may vary depending on the manufacturer, customs clearance, etc.) Inventory may change from time to time.

The finest Italian carburetor.
Wire choke type. (In the image, the lever type choke (left and right set-circle) and Delorto genuine air funnel band stopper type with net (left and right set-circle) are installed.)

This product is a single carburetor, and the following items are sold separately.

Lever type choke, air funnel, front and rear short manifolds, manifold O-ring x2, insulator rubber x2, stainless steel band x4,

Can also be installed on bevels. The intake manifold mounting hole is an elongated hole, so it can be installed without machining, but depending on the lot, it may not be an elongated hole. In that case, please make the mounting hole into a long hole and install it.
Stock may suddenly run out due to race demand, etc. Hurry up.

Its rarity is increasing due to the small number of production. The Delorto carburetor that enlivened the racing scene in the 1980s. It's a miracle that that coveted cab is still available brand new with the same specs as back then. The current situation is that production could stop at any time, but we continue to produce small quantities in Italy using the same method as back then for the die-hard fans of old car racers.

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