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brembo Corsa Corta RR 17 RCS Racing Radial Brake Master φ17x 18-20 110.E711.40 110E71140

brembo Corsa Corta RR 17 RCS Racing Radial Brake Master φ17x 18-20 110.E711.40 110E71140

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brembo Corsa Corta RR Brake Master 17 15 x18-20 is now available!
Release and delivery may be delayed due to manufacturer's availability.

Genuine brembo made in Italy. 2023-2024 model year.

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Made in Italy Forged aluminum with 5-axis CAM technology, hard anodized surface treatment
Piston diameter: 17mm
Lever ratio: 18/20mm adjustable
Three adjustable disable strokes
Overhaul available
Genuine brembo made in Italy.

Brake response can be switched to 3 different modes!

Normal mode.
Mild initial braking, ideal for city driving.
This setting is ideal for city driving. It also provides high braking force on low grip surfaces.

Sport mode
This mode provides stronger initial braking than the normal mode.
This setting is recommended for aggressive driving.

Race Mode
The initial braking becomes even stronger, and the sharp and immediate response is the same as the machine cylinder of a MotoGP machine.
This setting is ideal for race driving where lap times are competed by 1/100th of a second.

Code: 110E71140
Model: 17RCS Corsacorta RR (variable distance adjustable)

This pump is compatible with the ABS system.
It is an evolution of the RCS Corsacorta and is machined entirely from solid wood, similar to the master cylinders used in Moto GP and SBK.
With its new lightweight style, it resembles the racing version even more.

The new Brembo RCS CORSA CORTA RR continues the tradition of the RCS (Ratio Click System) introduced 15 years ago on the Brembo 19RCS radial master cylinder, plus the latest Corsa Corta adjustment innovation that allows the rider to use a selector on the cylinder. The rider can choose between Normal, Sport, and Racing brakes on the top of the master cylinder to achieve the perfect riding feel according to their preference.
The RCS CC RR brake line is available in versions with 19 mm, 17 mm, and 15 mm pistons.

The RCS Corsa Corta allows this parameter to be calibrated in three positions (RSN). To get the maximum sensation of the brake connection according to this scheme:.

- Position R "Race" minimizes the idle stroke and makes the lever more responsive.
-Position S "Sport" The idle stroke is in the middle position as well as the feel of the lever.
- Position N "Normal" provides greater empty stroke for wider modulation and smoother braking attack.

The vacuum run setting adds to the two existing setting possibilities of the RCS system (Ratio Click System), which allows adjustment of the lever distance from the handlebar and changing the pump distance in two different positions: 18 mm. for maximum extension and 20 mm. for maximum braking power. Maximum brake system readiness.

Technical features: Ø 17 mm pump element

- Ø 17 mm pump element

- Adjustable wheelbase: 18-20 mm

- Forging machined from hard oxidized solid

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