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Bike-Tower Bike Tower Maintenance Stand DUCATI Panigale V4/V4S StreetfighterV4 4589971389896 Ducati V4 Panigale

Bike-Tower Bike Tower Maintenance Stand DUCATI Panigale V4/V4S StreetfighterV4 4589971389896 Ducati V4 Panigale

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Special price only for current orders!! Hurry up!!

Manufactured to order. Estimated delivery time is approximately 30-45 days.
Please rest assured that this is a genuine German Bike-Tower product.

Due to the high volume of orders during busy periods and race seasons, delivery times may be extended. Please place your order as soon as possible.

DUCATI Panigale V4

The Bike-Tower package contains the following components:

  • central stand
  • Sleeve (model specific)
  • 4 adjustable legs for safe standing
  • carrier plate
  • shunt roller

(The bike in the image is not included in the price)

The bike tower may not be usable under certain circumstances if it is fitted with footrest systems, automatic gearshifts, reverse gearshifts, crash pads, etc. sold as accessories.

Maximum order quantity per customer is 20 pieces including bike tower. Mounting plate for each model. If you need more bike towers per model, please contact us directly by phone or email.

*Since this item is made to order, there may be cases where it may take some time for delivery. After placing your order, we will notify you of the exact delivery date.
*Cancellations, returns, and exchanges are not possible after an order is placed. Please note.
*Compatibility has not been confirmed for vehicles equipped with external steps, auto shifters, engine guards, and sliders.
*Other products may be included in the image.
*Product specifications may change due to manufacturer circumstances. note that.

Assembly instructions (English)


Revolutionary motorcycle maintenance stand

Parking spaces are limited, and it can be difficult to repeatedly turn and pull in and out of tight spaces, and it can be even more of a hassle if you have a supersport bike with a small steering angle. Having to turn the car over and over again every time you park is tiring and increases the risk of getting stuck.

Therefore, we would like to recommend Bike-Tower, an innovative maintenance stand from Germany.
It has gained popularity mainly on SS-type vehicles, and can be moved laterally (diagonally) without a center stand or side stand.

The lift method is simple. Simply insert the shaft into the pivot hole of the vehicle frame, lock it, and lower the lever two steps.
Once you use the lift, you can easily and freely move around and park your car in a small space that was previously accommodated by switching and turning back.
Bearings are installed on each shaft, making it easy for even women to handle without requiring much force, and allows smooth 360-degree rotation.
By lowering the lever one step (lever in horizontal position), it is also possible to hold it in stand-up condition (both wheels on the ground). Of course, it is designed to prevent the shaft from coming off, and is highly reliable in terms of safety, and is sturdy enough to be used even when a person rides on a lifted vehicle.

Unfortunately, it is not as versatile as a racing stand, and is completely model specific, but we have a complete lineup centered on SS models from many bike manufacturers.
If you have this Bike-Tower, you will be able to use it to store your vehicle in a narrow space!

Bike-Tower is recommended for the following people

  • For those who have a narrow parking space and find it difficult to turn in and out (especially suitable for SS series with no steering angle)
  • For those who want to park their bikes in a space-saving manner, such as parking them along a wall (if you lift them up, you can move them laterally (diagonally))
  • Those who own a motorcycle without a main stand installed
  • Those who like motorcycle maintenance


High quality standards

Bike-Tower does not outsource manufacturing or assembly to a third party, but rather maintains high quality by consistently manufacturing and assembling our products at our own factory in Germany.
This is to meet the demand for high quality without compromise, and is an expression of our constant aim to improve the essential quality of our products.

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