FAQ collection for DUCATI owners

1. How often does a Ducati motorcycle require regular maintenance?

  • Ducati maintenance intervals vary depending on the model, but are generally recommended once a year or after a certain mileage (e.g. 12,000km). Check your model's owner's manual for exact spacing.

2. Where can I get Ducati parts?

  • Genuine Ducati parts are available from official dealers and authorized service centers. Online purchases may also be available.

3. How long is Ducati's warranty?

  • New Ducatis typically come with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Please contact your retailer for warranty extension programs.

4. How do I choose insurance for my Ducati motorcycle?

  • In addition to general car insurance, we recommend that you choose insurance that includes coverage in the event of theft or total loss. Coverage varies by insurance company and plan, so consider your options.

5. How can I customize my Ducati motorcycle?

  • We recommend using official accessories and performance parts to customize your Ducati motorcycle. It is also important to consult a certified professional to ensure that changes do not affect your vehicle's warranty or safety.

6. What is the best equipment for touring with Ducati?

  • Touring requires riding gear that combines comfort and protection. It is important to choose clothing according to the weather and road conditions. Bags for long distance trips are also useful.

7. How to store Ducati motorcycles in winter?

  • If you store your motorcycle in the winter, remove the battery or use a maintenance charger. It is recommended that tires be stored away from the road surface and the fuel system treated as well.

8. What should I pay attention to when driving a Ducati?

  • The Ducati is a high-performance motorcycle and therefore requires proper riding skills and an understanding of road conditions. Obey traffic rules and always drive safely.

9. How often should I change the engine oil in my Ducati?

  • It is generally recommended that engine oil and oil filter be replaced once a year or after every specified mileage. Please refer to your model manual for details.

10. How to choose Ducati tires and when should they be replaced?

  • Tire selection should be based on the type of road surface and riding style used. Check your tires regularly for wear and aging, and replace them if necessary.

FAQ for Japanese Ducati riders

1. Where can I get Ducati motorcycle maintenance done in Japan?

2. Is the Ducati motorcycle warranty valid in Japan?

  • Yes, the international warranty applies, so the warranty is valid in Japan. Please contact your dealer or Ducati Japan for details.

3. Is Ducati parts supply stable in Japan?

  • In general, Ducati's parts supply is stable, but there may be a waiting list for some parts. Please check with your local dealer for specific delivery dates.

4. Are there any precautions when purchasing a Ducati motorcycle in Japan?

  • When purchasing a new Ducati motorcycle, we recommend purchasing through an official dealer. If it's a used car, check its maintenance history and whether it has a warranty.

5. How do I insure my Ducati motorcycle?

  • In order to drive in Japan, it is mandatory to have at least compulsory automobile liability insurance. Please consider taking out optional insurance to cover total loss, theft, etc.

6. Are there any special rules for driving a Ducati on Japanese roads?

  • You must comply with Japan's road traffic laws. Especially in urban areas, it is important to pay attention to exhaust noise and abide by noise regulations.

7. How do I register my Ducati motorcycle in Japan?

  • If you purchase a new or used car, you will need to register it at your local transportation branch. In many cases, your dealer will be able to assist you with specific procedures.

8. Are there any events or communities for Ducati owners in Japan?

  • Yes, there are events and communities in Japan for Ducati owners. Information can be obtained through the official website and social media.

9. How to store Ducati motorcycles in Japan in winter?

  • If it is not to be used for a long period of time, it is recommended to remove the battery or use a trickle charger and adjust the tire pressure before storing.

10. Do you have any tips for enjoying Ducati motorcycles in Japan?

  • We recommend exploring local touring routes to enjoy Japan's diverse landscapes. It is also important to be equipped with riding gear suited to Japan's unique weather and road conditions.

DUCATISM - The ultimate guide to genuine Ducati parts and custom parts

A step ahead choice for Ducati owners

Reliability with genuine parts, individuality with custom parts

Welcome to DUCATISM! A place where Ducati motorcycle owners can easily find the high-quality genuine parts they need, as well as the custom parts that make them unique.

Genuine parts section

  • Reliable genuine parts : Latest model ~ We have a wide selection of genuine DUCATI parts that perfectly fit your old Ducati.
  • Online Catalog : Easily find the part number or model you're looking for. The catalog with images makes it easy to understand visually.
  • Parts Compatibility : See which parts are compatible with your Ducati model.
  • Order and purchase genuine parts : Order directly online or ship to your local dealer.

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custom parts section

  • Carefully selected custom parts : A lineup of high-quality custom parts from reliable manufacturers.
  • Exhibition by style : Sales of custom parts tailored to different uses and preferences, such as touring, racing, and street style.
  • Custom Guide : Provides part installation manuals and advice on customization.
  • Custom project gallery : Introducing custom examples from other Ducati owners with images on each product page. Get inspired.

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Support and service

  • EXPERT ADVICE : If you have any pre-purchase questions or need installation advice, our team of experts is here to help.
  • Fast delivery and installation service : We offer fast domestic delivery service and professional installation service from our affiliated dealers.
  • Reliable aftercare : Parts warranty information, maintenance advice, and troubleshooting support.

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Ducati maintenance information community

  • Forum for Ducati owners : a community space to share maintenance experiences and ask for advice. It is run by DUCATISM representatives, related parties, and volunteers.

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DUCATISM is here to enrich your Ducati life. Access now!

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